Thursday, November 22, 2012

Homestead Housing Authority Miami-Dade County Florida New Section 8 Offices

Homestead no longer Strawberry Fields!

The Homestead Housing Authority in Miami-Dade County Florida has undergone some major changes since the real estate market began heating up several years ago. The City of Homestead enjoyed a good 10 years of expansion. Work force housing communities began springing up where strawberry fields, nurseries, orchards and farm land once occupied a majority of the acreage now developed. Major retailers like Wal-Mart, Nike and Home Depot, discovered that Homestead was the last stop for travelers and tourists before they entered the Florida Keys.

I discovered the Homestead Housing Authority back in 1998 when it was just a small office. I found the agency was very willing to work with Landlords and Real Estate Investors by making the Section 8 processing cycle very easy for owners and tenants. What I didn't find was a lot of investors or Land Lords using Section 8 or Plan Ocho as an additional marketing channel for finding tenants to occupy their investment properties in South Miami-Dade.

That was Then, This is NOW!

The Homestead Housing Authority has just completed a new building and road modifications to their facilities. HHA and the rest of Homestead has grown and caught up with the rest of Miami-Dade county.

During the recent real estate bust, investors have picked up bargin properties in Southern Dade County. If you are a Landlord or a property owner looking for tenants, the Homestead Housing Authority HHA is one source for potential tenants in Southern Miami-Dade County.

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