Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Contact info. for MREIA & Real Estate Investment Commentary REIC Blog

I am writing this blog post because I feel
 it is important to disclose to our audience a way of contacting the authors of Real Estate Investment Commentary REIC postings. I will be the posting author most of the time but there may be instantences where I may have a guest blogger or a link to an article done by someone else.

Please feel free to contact me about any of the items listed below:
  • Have a question or additional information about a current REIC posting.
  • Need help or advice about investing in Real Estate.
  • Would like to interview me via a podcast, webinar, video or text.
  • Have me be a guest speaker at one of your special events.
  • Be a presentor / guest speaker at MREIA.
  • Find out the next MREIA meeting is.
  • JV, partnering, affiliate marketing opportunities
  • Whatever you feel is important enough to discuss.....

Written by +Bob Burns.
See below, for our contact data....

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The Internet Kahuna Bob Burns MREIA LogoHere is our contact Data.....
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