Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Miami Florida's Section 8 & Housing Authority Office Locations and Contact Information

You don't know how many phone calls we receive asking about Section 8 or Plan Ocho program managed by the Miami Dade Housing Authority MDHA in Miami, Florida. The callers have many questions concerning HUD's subsidized rental program.

The most common question is "Where are Miami-Dade's Section Eight offices and how can I contact them?" We decided to put together a list of Section 8 or Plan Ocho offices that provide help for families in distress for Miami-Dade County, Florida. There are also several satellite offices for different cities in the county.

See Below:

Section 8 Plan Ocho Office Locations & Contact Data
Florida's Section 8 Public Housing Agencies PHA Offices.
HHA - Hialeah Housing Authority
Homestead Housing Authority
Miami-Dade Housing Agency MDHA
Miami-Beach Housing Authority
Section Eight or Plan 8 Property Web Sites
Access Section 8 Property Web Sites 
Go Section 8, Social Serve, Florida Housing Search
Written by +Bob Burns.

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