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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Real Estate Investing

Tricks to make it Big with Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing is one of the most attractive ways of making large amount of money in a short amount of time (if done correctly). Moreover, Real Estate Investing can be very stressful but if you make a mistake it can be very forgiving. When you see the rewards of your efforts it can be very satisfying and addicting.

Real Estate Investing is really a skill and, like any skill, it takes time to master. The main objective is to buy low and sell high and make a profit after paying all the costs involved in the transaction.

Generally, people are of the opinion that Real Estate Investing makes sense only when the market is on the rise. However, Real Estate Investing for profits is possible just about any time. You just have to know when and how to apply different investing strategies when the acquired deal parameters are analyzed. This is part of the Due Diligence process that you will acquire through Real Estate Investing experience.

Here is a list of tricks that can make Real Estate Investing profitable for you:

  1. Join a local Real Estate Investment Club. Their name usually end with "REIA" which stands for "Real Estate Investor Association" so MREIA would stand for
    Miami Real Estate Investor Association.
    MREIA Logo
    This will provide many advantages and cut done on the learning curve. I like to use CRE Online web site to find an local investment club near you.
  2. Look for public auctions, divorce settlements, foreclosures (bank REO's/FHA/VA). Since quick settlement is the preference here (and not price), you might get a property at a price that is much lower than the prevailing market rate. You can then make arrangements to sell it at the market rate over a short period of time. However, make sure that the property is worth the price you are paying. Also be Very Careful with auctions! Know what you are buying by doing your homework. You might end up buying an easement that you can’t build on or a second mortgage.
  3. Looking for expired listings. The old listings that are still unsold may provide you with good Real Estate Investing opportunities. Just get hold of an old newspaper, MLS expired listings and call up the sellers. They might have given up hope of selling that property at all and with a bit of negotiation you can get the property for a real low price.
  4. The hidden treasure or Distressed Property. A really old, high grass, mail coming out of the mailbox, dirty, unpainted looking house may scare off retail buyers but this might be your chance for Real Estate Investing that can yield good profits. Explore these properties and check if spending a bit on them (rehabbing them) can make them shine. You can get these at very low prices and make a big profit in a short time. Have a GOOD contractor lined up if you decide to rehab a property. Time is Money!
  5. Team up with attorneys: There are a number of attorneys who handle property sales on behalf of sellers or in special circumstances (like the death of the property owner - Probate). They might sometimes be looking to dispose a property rather quickly for a lower price. Be the first one to grab such Real Estate Investing opportunity and enjoy the profit.
  6. Keep tab on the newspaper announcements! Be prepared to act quickly. This means have CA$H on hand to act quickly! Property sell offs due to deaths, divorce settlements, immediate cash requirements and other reasons are frequently announced in local newspapers or on the internet (Craig’s List). Keep track of such Real Estate Investing avenues.


These are all great tricks and tips but the most important objective is to invest in your education. Take every opportunity to absorb Real Estate Investing techniques by hiring a mentor or coach to learn from the Pain of Others! Look at any profession and you will see an entity, person / coach or a system involved to train individuals to be successful! Real Estate Investing is no exception!

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Using the MAO rule for determining your
Investment Property Offer Price

As you know I run, along with my partner Luis Maqueira, the Miami Real Estate Investor’s Association MREIA monthly meeting every fourth Tuesday of every month.

One of the most common questions from our MREIA group is how do we determine the property’s value so we don’t pay too much? By paying too much would prevent the investor from making any money on the deal. Most investors want the deal to be a win-win-win for everyone involved in the transaction:
  • Win for Seller,
  • Win for the Investor,
  • Win for the Buyer that purchases
    the asset after it has been repaired.

The Maximum Allowable Offer MAO rule allows the investor to determine the property’s value so the transaction will be a win-win-win deal. It creates a maximum ceiling price for the investor. Go passed the ceiling and you won’t make money. It is always said among Real Estate Investors, "You Make Money on the property when you purchase it, not when you sell it."

Below is a brief video that explains how the MAO rule is processed and how the derived number is of value to the Real Estate Investor:

Written by +Bob Burns.


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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Make sure you have the mail forwarded to your business address after you purchase a new investment property....Why?

I made the mistake of purchasing a property for rehabbing for about 50K and not forwarding the properties mail to my business address. It was a duplex but both buildings were gut jobs. See pictures! The City of Miami placed a violation on the structure for being unsecured. This violation was mailed to the property address but since the property did not have a mail box, the post office refused delivery. One of the terms of the violation was the structure must be secured within so many days or a $250/day fine would be imposed.

Guess What?

This violation was written before I even purchased the property. It had been sitting abandoned for years so you can imagine the size of the fine. My Title company missed it so I was never aware of it until I started to repair the property.

Well the fine had accumulated to $250K. Now, I do not know about you but I wasn't going to pay a fine that was more than the property was worth. So after speaking with the Title company, the area inspector, the City of Miami mitigation committee, I was able to mitigate the lien down to a manageable level. I would tell you how I did it but that is another blogging event.

 So the violation was resolved! The City doesn't want to make it impossible for you with unmanageable fines. Their objective is to make you correct the violation and comply. I was doing them a favor by bringing an abandoned property back online and producing additional tax revenue. The moral of the story is to make sure you are getting the properties mail. I would have known about the violation a lot earlier in the process if I forwarded the investment properties mail to my business address.

Written by +Bob Burns.


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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Real Estate Investment Clubs

Investment clubs provide a great resource for beginners and experienced real estate investors. Real estate investment club is a place to meet and network with other investors. Members with investment knowledge and information is a basic requirement for a successful real estate organization. Success in real estate should be a combination of investment knowledge and market information. A real estate investment club provide ideas for investments as well as all the necessary information to make a reasonable investment in real estate.

Since competition in the field of real estate is high, real estate investors need to keep themselves continuously updated on the new tendencies and development of investing in real estate. There may be new laws and fees for real estate. All this is difficult to maintain if you are not a real estate investor. An Investment Club is an ideal place for you. All matters with respect to investment properties can be discussed and sorted through the clubs experts. Part of the Club's benefits is access to experienced real estate investors and should be part of the club's strategy to become a successful organization.

Details of all other aspects of investments relating to property may be discussed such as mortgages, private money, hard money, rehabbing, land lording and much, much more. Most members of the Real Estate Club provide information via the Internet. Software programs are available for several different real estate markets, which help investors in real estate. Before you select software, you can discuss it with the members of the Real Estate Club, which may have been already used and have opinions. A good Real estate Investment club may act as a good forum to clear any doubts with respect to investment properties.

Click HERE for more information about the Miami Real Estate Investors Association MREIA

Written by +Bob Burns.