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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Real Estate Investing

Tricks to make it Big with Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing is one of the most attractive ways of making large amount of money in a short amount of time (if done correctly). Moreover, Real Estate Investing can be very stressful but if you make a mistake it can be very forgiving. When you see the rewards of your efforts it can be very satisfying and addicting.

Real Estate Investing is really a skill and, like any skill, it takes time to master. The main objective is to buy low and sell high and make a profit after paying all the costs involved in the transaction.

Generally, people are of the opinion that Real Estate Investing makes sense only when the market is on the rise. However, Real Estate Investing for profits is possible just about any time. You just have to know when and how to apply different investing strategies when the acquired deal parameters are analyzed. This is part of the Due Diligence process that you will acquire through Real Estate Investing experience.

Here is a list of tricks that can make Real Estate Investing profitable for you:

  1. Join a local Real Estate Investment Club. Their name usually end with "REIA" which stands for "Real Estate Investor Association" so MREIA would stand for
    Miami Real Estate Investor Association.
    MREIA Logo
    This will provide many advantages and cut done on the learning curve. I like to use CRE Online web site to find an local investment club near you.
  2. Look for public auctions, divorce settlements, foreclosures (bank REO's/FHA/VA). Since quick settlement is the preference here (and not price), you might get a property at a price that is much lower than the prevailing market rate. You can then make arrangements to sell it at the market rate over a short period of time. However, make sure that the property is worth the price you are paying. Also be Very Careful with auctions! Know what you are buying by doing your homework. You might end up buying an easement that you can’t build on or a second mortgage.
  3. Looking for expired listings. The old listings that are still unsold may provide you with good Real Estate Investing opportunities. Just get hold of an old newspaper, MLS expired listings and call up the sellers. They might have given up hope of selling that property at all and with a bit of negotiation you can get the property for a real low price.
  4. The hidden treasure or Distressed Property. A really old, high grass, mail coming out of the mailbox, dirty, unpainted looking house may scare off retail buyers but this might be your chance for Real Estate Investing that can yield good profits. Explore these properties and check if spending a bit on them (rehabbing them) can make them shine. You can get these at very low prices and make a big profit in a short time. Have a GOOD contractor lined up if you decide to rehab a property. Time is Money!
  5. Team up with attorneys: There are a number of attorneys who handle property sales on behalf of sellers or in special circumstances (like the death of the property owner - Probate). They might sometimes be looking to dispose a property rather quickly for a lower price. Be the first one to grab such Real Estate Investing opportunity and enjoy the profit.
  6. Keep tab on the newspaper announcements! Be prepared to act quickly. This means have CA$H on hand to act quickly! Property sell offs due to deaths, divorce settlements, immediate cash requirements and other reasons are frequently announced in local newspapers or on the internet (Craig’s List). Keep track of such Real Estate Investing avenues.


These are all great tricks and tips but the most important objective is to invest in your education. Take every opportunity to absorb Real Estate Investing techniques by hiring a mentor or coach to learn from the Pain of Others! Look at any profession and you will see an entity, person / coach or a system involved to train individuals to be successful! Real Estate Investing is no exception!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Did You Know a Section 8 or Plan Ocho
Voucher is Portable?

While interviewing April Johnson from Miami-Dade Public Housing Agency MDPHA I heard the term "Portability" being used in our conversation. I was familiar with transferring vouchers but I never heard the term portability being used. I decided to ask her what exactly did this term mean.

April mentioned that any tenant that had a Section 8 Voucher in good standing, could live in the jurisdiction of a housing authority anywhere in the United States that is administering a tenant-based (Section 8 Voucher) program including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

But there are certain guidelines and facts that you must be aware of:

  • Don't take for granted that the rules are the same for each housing authority. Each PHA has its own rules, regulations and deadlines that you must follow.
  • Fair Market Rent limits or payment standards may be different for each Public Housing Office PHA. Remember they are calculated by Zip codes.
  • The utility allowance may be different and may affect the rent amount you pay. Florida utility bills are much higher than Puerto Rico. I know because I lived in both places.
  • Rental subsidy standards may be different. I can recall the differences in subsidy payments from Miami-Dade to Homestead Offices. These offices are in the same county.
  • The new housing authority will issue you a different voucher, which may change the size (number of bedrooms) that you maybe eligible for. I can't tell you how many times this issue would come up while discussing voucher transfers.
  • If you decided to transfer you have to re-verify your income and do a background check. One of my tenants was kick out of the program because her son, not her, was caught dealing drugs. You may open a can of worms for yourself.
  • If you are new to the Housing Choice Voucher Program, you may have a waiting period before you can transfer to another jurisdiction of a housing authority.
  • If you decide to use the portability option of your voucher, make sure you contact your home office to start the paper work. This may take a while so give yourself some time.
  • Oh yeah, you better have an idea of where you want to go! Your home office can't do much if you can't tell them where you are going. You may want to visit the new housing offices so you can get an idea what will be involved and GET contact information to present to your current HOME jurisdiction.
  • By moving you are going to incur changes in your cash flows; security deposit, rental down payment, different tax structure, cost of living changes, insurances, education, transportation...on and on and on.

What does "Portability" have to do with real estate investing you ask? Miami-Dade Florida is a popular destination for voucher transfers and can be another channel in your marketing efforts to get tenants into your rental properties.

Do you have any experience with Section 8 voucher transfers? If so, tell us about it in the comments area below!

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Written by +Bob Burns.
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Monday, June 27, 2011

Top 10 Real Estate Gurus I'd have a BEER with!

As I was starting out in real estate investing, I took the grand tour of the usual seminars, workshops, boot camps and REIA clubs. Webinars were not around and the internet was just grabbing our attention. I had the benefit of helping run the Miami Real Estate Investor's Association MREIA which provided us the conduit for all the Real Estate Gurus that were currently HOT at the time and are still going strong today.

I am creating this TOP 10 blog list for the benefit of people that are coming into the business and need some guidance. Some are local to Miami, Florida and some national.

Again, this is only my opinion and you may disagree with me and that's OK. Please forgive me if I leave someone out of the list but I am providing the names that taught or brought us into their inner circle of influence.

Here goes:

  1. WOW, what can I say about Preston? I met Preston Ely in New Orleans but we didn't know each other. We know each other through Freedom$soft affiliate campaigns but if I ran into him on the street, I don't think he would recognize me. That's OK because he is an awesome internet marketer whose niche is real estate investing! I like his style and his humor. He goes against the grain but it works. I enjoy his outlook on life and business acumen. He is refreshing and made me a lot of money! That is why he is number one on the list.

  2. Mike Collins invited me to a Tampa workshop on real estate investing years ago. Mike was one of the first gurus to adopt the internet as part of his business. I drove up to Tampa Florida for the weekend and attended the event. I learned more about investing and realized that I had to adopt the internet as a channel for marketing my properties and business. Michael and his staff were very fourth coming with information about real estate investing and made me feel like I was very important to his success.

    Over the years I have seen Mike Collins speak at various real estate events and never lost that feeling that he was someone with a special gift of sharing his wealth of knowledge.

  3. I sat right next to Sam Bell in New Orleans in the front row. Same place I met Preston Ely. I like to think that I knew everyone that was a player in the real estate investing world but I didn't know Sam. He was quiet and didn't say much but we did introduce ourselves by the end of the event. Next time I saw Sam was in Tampa, Florida and to my surprise he was presenting. Man did he surprise me! He delivered BIG TIME. He combined hardcore internet marketing with Real Estate Investing. Every time I listen to him I learn something new. You have to place him on your blog reading list! You won't be disappointed. Light years ahead of me.

  4. Pete Youngs was the first guy I ever saw when I decided to start my real estate investing business. I started out as a rehabber and Pete was the guru's guru when it came to rehabbing houses. He was one of the very first GURU presenters with almost all the real estate investing clubs. I always enjoyed his rehabbing stories and his sense of humor. Also, due to his broad footprint among the real estate investment community, Pete would always have great investment deals or opportunities for his inner circle.

  5. Josh Cantwell is fairly new to my sphere of real estate gurus. I just finished an affiliate campaign in December 2010 with Preston Ely (See #1) and was still fired up about the campaign even though it was over. I received an email from Britt Walker (great contact for affiliate campaigns) who was promoting Josh's "Instant Cash Infusion" product. I said what the hell, since I trusted Britt. Wow, I was impressed! Josh's foreclosure system content was really fresh with current market trends. Home foreclosures vary from state to state but Josh and lawyer Jeff Watson seemed to be on top of their game concerning nationwide foreclosures. Check them out, you'll learn something.

  6. I have been working with Paul Woods since I started this business. Paul is a real estate attorney that has spoken at our real estate investment club many times. His strengths are Asset Protection using the Florida Land Trust and foreclosure defense. When building your team for real estate investing you must have an attorney that knows the legal structures (example: Florida Land Trusts) and contacts associated with real estate investing for your protection and success. Paul is your man!

  7. I met Joel Bauer at an information seminar in Broward, Florida. You know, Fort Lauderdale, college..etc. From my understanding Joel does not come out to the east coast (USA that is...) often so I decided to catch his presentation. He is not a real estate guru but was considered a Info. Marketer. I always want to get ideas about how I can enhance my marketing skills so off to see Joel. It was the fastest workshop I ever attended. He crammed more information into one day than anyone else I ever saw. I thought he was a little strange at first but this was part of his presentation. He kept it real and didn't sugar coat anything. I learned about photo and video editing, business card development, testimonial development, on and on and on...I was very impressed and would see him again in a heartbeat. He's different but that is what I like about him. Never boring and you never know what to expect. Either you like him or you don't. There is no middle of the road with Joel. Pure Energy! He brings it...Baby!

  8. Wayne Wagie is a different kind of real estate guru. He looks at the deal without money by negotiating the deal with the exchange of assets and or terms. Usually no money exchanges hands or very little. He runs a group called the "The Greater Miami Real Estate Exchangors (GMREE)" which meets weekly in Miami-Dade, Florida to discuss different strategies of exchanging real estate. You can exchange a piece of land for a boat or a car. Swap a house in Hawaii for one in South Beach, Florida. Create a note on your property and exchange the note for a percentage of another deal. Wayne teaches you to view and negotiate the deal using NO CASH! Awesome concepts! Check him and his group out.

  9. Paul J. DaCosta runs the Port Charlotte Real Estate Investor's Association on the Gulf Coast of Florida. When I first went to the meeting, I didn't know anyone but Paul had me introduce myself and the rest is history. He has spoken at MREIA several times about real estate investing. Paul is an investor, speaker, author, blogger, internet marketer and is very generous with his time. Paul makes you feel welcome into his social community and if you are ever on the Gulf Coast of Florida make sure you catch Paul at one of his meetings in Port Charlotte, Florida. Right down or across Rt. 75. You won't regret that you did!

  10. Last but not least, Donna Bauer is the first lady on our list. Donna is a real estate guru specializing in purchasing real estate notes. She was one of the first speakers I asked to present at MREIA since my first deal was a note purchase for 15 condo units. Controlling paper on a property is a great strategy for controlling an asset without managing the property. No cleaning toilets for me! She has a wealth of contacts and knowledge for anyone starting out in this business and wants to learn a very unique strategy of real estate investing.

Whew, that took me a long time to put together. There are so many gurus out there that it was difficult to narrow down the people who taught me the business. I Thank all of You!

Now it is your turn! Do you have a real estate investing guru that made a difference in your life? Please tell us about HIM or HER in the comment section below.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Real Estate Investment Strategies
for Rehabbing Houses

As you are starting out on your road to become a successful Real Estate Entrepreneur, you are going to eventually purchase a property that has a lot of

equity but you need to extract that it from the property by repairing or rehabbing it. One of the best ways to generate cash as an investor is to rehab properties for resale.

Buyer Beware!

Rehabbing can make you money but you as an investor have to be careful. Two of the biggest mistakes made by 1st time rehabbers are TIME & MONEY.

Although your actual time commitment is minimal, these projects from purchase to sale, take a significant amount of time. To finish your rehab project, plan six months to one year. That means you may not see any profit for a while. Hopefully, your projects will finish much faster, but mentally commit yourself to problems and delays that will hurt your projected completion date.

The second negative is MONEY. Unless you have a partnership arrangement, you will have to come up with money for these projects. MREIA consistently puts $10,000 to $20,000 in repairs alone into a house. Add that to your purchase price and you can see you'll need access to quite a bit of cash. Plus, that money could be tied up for 180 days or more.

These negatives aren't anything you can't overcome. You'll see how important it becomes to have a well thought-out plan to minimize the negatives and accent the positives of rehabbing a property.

Estimate Repairs - Rocket Science?

Once you have found a property to rehab, you need to get a good, not great, idea of how much money you are going to need to repair. Dealing with sellers they always place the repair costs to a minimum. What ever amount they say I double it. Estimating repairs isn't as difficult as you might think. Once you rehab a couple of houses, you'll know what you're repairs will run. This is where a check or punch list becomes invaluable.

Your Finished, NOW it is time to get PAID!

The marketing strategy is to develop several plans to help you get to your objective - MONEY now or in the near future. You, the rehabber have several options:

  1. Rent It!
  2. Sell It!
    • For Sale By Owner (FSBO)
    • Hire a Realtor.
  3. Lease Purchase It!
    • Combination of Renting and Selling!

Rehab Process Outline Here it is:

  1. We are going to find a distressed property that has mucho equity!
  2. Buy it using a formula (MAO Rule) that calculates your holding & rehab costs.
  3. Rehab the property to bring it back to neighborhood standards or beyond.
  4. Develop a marketing strategy that will attract either an investor or owner occupant.

Written by +Bob Burns.


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